Fantasy romance manhwa Lady Devil(OKAY SO THIS HAS VERY DARK AND TRIGGERING TAGS butttt IF YOU CAN HANDLE GIVE IT A SHOT! Yes the main couple is incest BUT presented in a really twisted non-festishing way. Basically what im tryna say is that this is a dark twisted yet beautifully crafted story that keeps you…


Isekai romance manhwa Is it a Fortune or Is it a Woe (THIS ONE IS SOOOO GOOD FL IS SO CUTE AND VIBES AT THE SAME TIME, HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP, ML IS GOOD DUDE, FUNNY AND IT FEELS NATURAL AND FLOW LIKE WATER) (ongoing) Death is the Only Ending for the Villainess (super good plot and queen vibe FL…

Otome Isekai Master List by Genres

Shortlist: https://freemanhwa.com/isekai/ https://freemanhwa.com/fantasy/ https://freemanhwa.com/fantasy-time-travel-regression/ https://freemanhwa.com/strong-fl/ https://freemanhwa.com/revenge/ https://freemanhwa.com/family-fluff/ https://freemanhwa.com/healthy-and-cute-relationships/ The Long List is here: https://freemanhwa.com/romance-manhwa-recommendations/